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With LS Traffic Control, Inc., our reputation for reliability and superior customer service follows us from project to project. We stand by our word that we will be there every day to help ensure your project stays on schedule. We follow all MUTCD requirements and are ATSSA - OHSA & ISO9000 Certified.

About LS Traffic Control, Inc.

LS Traffic Control, Inc. delivers comprehensive traffic control services for infrastructure projects, construction, utility work, and events across Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana. We work closely with your organization to design and coordinate your project or event to provide the highest amount of safety at the most cost-effective approach.

Service Area

Located in Northwest Ohio, LS Traffic Control, Inc. serves Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana. Our main goal is to make roads safer for everyone. We provide competitively priced and customized flagging services to meet your specific needs. We are fully licensed and insured.

  • Construction zone traffic control
  • Traffic control plans
  • Construction area signs
  • Flagging personnel
  • Changeable message signs
  • Crowd control barricades  
  • Special events
  • And much more!
a map showing Ohio, Indiana and Michigan

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